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Fast and efficient, robust and flexible —
BGI's proprietary sequencers and associated technology
Product features
BGI´s unique and high-performing sequencers enable for excellent results
Recognized by international authorities
BGISEQ-500 and MGISEQ-2000 were included as representative models in the Genome Sequencing Evaluation Project jointly launched by FDA and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and were officially recognized for their excellent data quality.
Automated sample preparation system
— Improved overall efficiency
Product features
Product strengths
Automated analysis and interpretation platform
BGI HALOS integrates computer hardware, software and databases for sequencing projects and services. With a built-in LIMS analytical platform, it can automate the annotation and interpretation of sequencing data from clinical test samples and generate clinical test reports.
All processes of genetic testing can be completed in the clinical service laboratory where HALOS all-in-one machines are installed, saving time and keeping test data secure and controlled.
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