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SeqHPV® HPVGenotyping Test
  • CE certification after 7 years

  • A brand built on expertise

  • At-home sampling for privacy and peace of mind

  • Self-sampling at home is comparable to sampling performed by healthcare providers in hospitals

  • Special technology allows for room temperature transport

  • Stringent protection of data privacy

  • View the report online

  • Convenient, trouble-free after-sales service

Why should I get tested for HPV?
99.7% of cervical cancers are associated with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection[1]. Early screening, diagnosis, and treatment can improve cancer outcomes
Women with one sexual partner can also be infected with HPV, condoms can only block the transmission of HPV partially
Do I need to be tested for HPV if I've been vaccinated?
The HPV vaccine does not cover all WHO-recommended vaccines for high-risk HPV types and there is no data to confirm that the HPV vaccine provides lifetime protection
The HPV vaccine does not mean 100% prevention of cervical cancer
WHO recommends an HPV DNA based test as the preferred method, rather than visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) or cytology (commonly known as a ‘Pap smear’), currently the most commonly used methods globally to detect pre-cancer lesions[4].

WHO: World Health Organization
BGI SeqHPV®Genotyping Test
Why choose BGI HPV self-sampling test?

Testing in the
comfort of your home

Easy self-sampling

Private and painless

Clinical data from tens of thousands of tests has confirmed that the effect of self-sampling is comparable to that of healthcare professional sampling[5]

Special high technology in the sampling card enables efficient room-temperature storage

Sample delivery arrangements are simple, as there is no need for cold-chain transportation

Full compliance with qualification requirements, strict quality control at all levels
One-stop service process
* Note: We will perform a quality control on your sample on receipt. If the sample passes the QC, we will store it in preparation for the testing process. If the sample does not meet our QC standard, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a free re-sampling. In these cases, the test report will be delayed as per the new sample receipt date.
Easy self-sampling
*For detailed sampling steps, please refer to the instructions in the sampling kit
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