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BGI Oncology Whole Exome Sequencing Test
This test provides a detailed clinical interpretation of genetic variations associated with a range of solid cancers, and comprehensively assesses biomarkers that affect the efficacy of immunotherapy.

Product features
Cancer immunotherapy regimen
Scope of the test
The full exonic regions and important intronic regions of approximately 20,000 genes are detected, including 668 core genes tightly associated with the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of cancers.

BGI´s Oncology Whole Exome Sequencing Test

BGI´s Oncology Whole Exome Sequencing Test-NEO

Suitable for

    • Obtaining comprehensive information on the use of targeted, immunological, and chemotherapy drugs, and a genetic risk assessment for patients whose cancer tissue can be obtained
    • Obtaining information for patients who wish to enroll in clinical trials of personalized cancer vaccines and cellular therapies, among others.

Sample requirements

    • WES requirements: fresh cancer tissue/paraffin block/FFPE sections + control peripheral blood PD-L1 IHC

    • PD-L1 IHC requirements: fresh tissue, FFPE

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