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Limitations of biopsies for molecular diagnostic purposes
It can be extremely challenging to obtain a biopsy from most patients with clinical stage IV lung cancer who could benefit from targeted drug therapies. Although tissue testing is still the gold standard for clinical molecular testing, 19% of lung tissue biopsies cause adverse reactions, such as bleeding and infection.
Since cancer tissue is very heterogeneous, tissue biopsies may result in an incomplete evaluation of targetable biomolecules caused by genetic variants.
When obtaining a biopsy is not possible, peripheral blood circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) testing is a valuable alternative.
Peripheral blood ctDNA testing is included in the clinical guidelines for lung cancer
The NCCN Guidelines for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer V3 2020 states that peripheral blood ctDNA testing may be performed for patients with progressive or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer whose tissue can't be obtained by aspiration.
Compared to previous guidelines, the scope of peripheral blood ctDNA testing in this version has been expanded from single-gene, single-site testing for EGFR T790M to multi-gene, multi-locus testing for EGFR, ALK, ROS1 and BRAF.
BGI Non-invasive Lung Cancer Genetic Test (ctDNA)
Using high-throughput sequencing technology and peripheral blood samples from patients with lung cancer, this test detects 13 genes related to targeted drugs for lung cancer and interprets 42 targeted drugs, providing a reference for clinical drug use.
Product features
Scope of the test
Provides a report with recommendations related to the use of up to 42 targeted drugs
Detects 13 important genes associated with targeted drugs for lung cancer at one time
Suitable for

    Patients with clinical stage IV non-small cell lung cancer, whose tissue can' t be obtained during the first visit, or patients with non-small cell lung cancer who are resistant to first- or second-line therapy

Sample requirements

    ≥15mL of peripheral blood

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