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BGI Pan-Cancer+Discovery
The test is specifically developed for patients with solid cancers based on an international leading high-throughput sequencing platform, and can detect 688 cancer-related genes in a single test. By integrating BGI's proprietary MSI and TMB analysis, this test can evaluate the genetic targets of more than 300 drugs, including FDA-and NMPA-approved drugs, drugs recommended in the NCCN guidelines, and those in clinical trials. The product addresses six clinical needs: targeted drug use, immunotherapy, chemotherapy drugs, genetic risk, prognosis assessment, and recurrence monitoring. It provides comprehensive and accurate interpretation based on the test results of each sample, helping physicians develop better treatment plans and saving valuable time in finding potential drugs for patients promptly.
Product features
Scope of the test
Suitable for

    • Patients with solid cancers who wish to undergo genetic risk assessment and gain comprehensive information about the use of targeted, immunological, and chemotherapy drugs
    • Patients with solid cancers who wish to be monitored dynamically at the genetic level (ctDNA testing)

Sample requirements

    Tissue-based testing: Frozen-fresh tissue from surgery/ FFPE biopsy tissue + peripheral blood (as a control)
    ctDNA test: ≥10mL of peripheral blood

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